Recently, I've taken to building my own battery-powered guitar amps. I call them Boxxy because that's all I had to build them in.
The three laws of Boxxy-otics :
1. A Boxxy must be Portable
2. A Boxxy must be Hand made
3. A Boxxy must try to incorporate something Recycled.

Here's what I play through them.

The First amp
This is the first amp I made with the LM368-N3.
The simplest amp you can build with the 386, it still
puts out 500-700 milliwatts.
Based on the "Smokey Amp."
first amp
Boxxy 1
The Boxxy 1
The Boxxy 1 features an input jack, gain control, and a power switch. 700 milliwatt output. This is built in the box the parts came in.
Boxxy Twin
Boxxy Twim inside
The Boxxy Twin
The Twin features volume and gain controls, input jack, power switch, and a bright blue pilot light. Similar to the Boxxy 1, the Twin adds a transistor input buffer and volume control. 700 milliwatt output.
The cheapest 3W speakers I could get were 4Ω, so I had to wire them in series, rather than parallel, to avoid burning out the chip. Unfortunately, this causes a bit of rattle in the first speaker the signal hits.
boxxy family
it's alive
The Boxxy family of guitar amps
The Evil Twin, Boxxy 1, and the Twin
It's alive!
The Evil Twin before assembly.
Evil Twin heart
The unfinished Evil Twin
This amp is almost a copy of the twin except for an output jack, reversed controls and lack of a battery box or handle.
Heart of the monster
blue boxxy blue boxxy
The Blue Boxxy compression pedal
I wanted a compression pedal, but couldn't afford one. So I thought I'd try and build one myself. Needs some fine tuning, but it works.
Based on the Orange Squeezer
I may need to rearrange some things.
The Boxxy DODECAHEDRON (prototype)
Dual amp technology. 3/4 watt as configured, upgradable to 2 watts. No knobs or switches this time. Gain is configurable on the board via 2 trimpots. Volume is controled by the guitar volume. Based on the Little Gem II.
More improvements to come.
Plans include a Corex shell and an upgrade to LM386-N4 chips (1 watt each!). Later I need to replace the speaker with something better.
The Boxxy Tetrahedron II (2nd prototype)
This model features a Cor-x case (former PH yard sign) a copper wire speaker grill (wire from the trash) and a bolt-in switch panel (old gift card). The two switches are for gain and more gain. Power comes from dual LM386L chips rated at 385mW each.
The Boxxy Tetrahedron II (switch panel)
Each switch controls the gain on one of the dual amps. With both switches off the gain is between 20 and 40 dB. With both on it's 200 to 400 (I think).

The Boxxy D•A•S
The first amp using the new 10 watt speaker. Not as loud as the cheaper speaker, but has a better sound overall. This one has an LM386 N-4 chip that's rated at 1W output.

Inside the D•A•S
This new speaker almost takes up the entire box and weighs nearly a pound.

This is what I did on vacation
Strange they all came out black and orange, looks like Halloween.
From top left: Boxxy Tetrahedron, Tetrahedron II, D•A•S (1), and D•A•S (2).

The Boxxy 717
Paper måché sculpture with the circuit board, jack, and speaker enbedded in the structure. 1 watt output with a glowing green LED.
All parts are embedded so it becomes one object rather than a collection of objects. I was going for a more organic feel so it looks a bit ragged and uneven. Everything was done freehand by eyeball - no measurements.
Last update:
March 25, 2018